John Vanderslice - White Wilderness

John Vanderslice has been making quirky indie-pop since 2000, and with White Wilderness he manages to up his game by recording with the Magik*Magik Orchestra and their artistic director Minna Choi. Known for being a bit of control-freak in the studio, the chance to let loose with a nineteen-piece orchestra sees Vanderslice at his charming best, and the depth that each instrument brings to the songs is brilliant to hear. ‘The Piano Lesson’ sees duelling horns punctuated by keys and a scattering of percussion, while the ominous sounds and marching drums that begin ‘Overcoats’ lead it into a flurry of racing strings. The orchestral additions remind at times of Danish boys Efterklang and with Choi’s occasional backing vocals and harmonies this could possibly be the most musically rich and enjoyable album from Vanderslice yet.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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