John Moreland - Big Bad Luv

So many artists today plough a lonely furrow of recording a cracking album, releasing said album, touring it, and all the while being roundly ignored by the majority. John Moreland can count himself unlucky to fit into that description. After a couple of totally under the radar releases 2015's High On Tulsa Heat picked up excellent reviews and a little big of traction for the Texan. It's somewhat sad then that its follow up, Big Bad Luv, comes along with barely any fanfare. In the UK Moreland has toured regularly, picking up a not insignificant fanbase along the way.

Recorded with a band of Tulsa friends and following Moreland's trend of self producing, Big Bad Luv is a no frills record. From the pretty picking and melody of 'Every Kind Of Wrong' and the rollicking bar room feel of 'Sallisaw Blues' through the heart on sleeve lyrics and gospel organ of 'Love Is Not An Answer' and the raw sentiments of closer 'Latchkey Kid' there are triumphs aplenty. The delicacy with which the Oklahoma native plays his guitar and writes lyrics is sublime. This is an album that deserves a bigger audience, and Moreland is a talent who's only growing better.


Delicate and honest music from a growing and important talent.


out of 10

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