Joanna Gruesome - Peanut Butter

You will, inevitably, tick off the reference points: 80s indie pop, Sonic Youth, 90s indie pop, Pixies, 00s indie pop, but that's just a game and we've to believe such things no longer matter. So just play the game and thrill to the second album from Welsh noise poppers Joanna Gruesome. The manic energy and the non-stop feel of motion - exhibit A: 'Crayon' - bundled together with the wavering vocals and harmonies that define this corner of indieland, means that as with most good follow-ups this hits all the right marks, an evolution not revolution. More rounded. More mature. Lean, though just as aggressive and punchy.

'Honestly Do Yr Worst' is spiky and melodious; 'Jerome (Liar)' is classic 90s indie disco fare but even with the short running time (a smidgen over 20 mins) there's a sameness that stops Peanut Butter from truly satisfying. Something more substantial next time, please.


Something more substantial next time, please.


out of 10

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