Jimmy Eat World - Damage

Trading on past glories? Certainly as the band who became Kerrang TV staples with singles such as 'The Middle' and 'Sweetness' at the turn of the century, Jimmy Eat World have struggled to replicate that success. A cult following amongst pop punk fans has kept them on festival slots every year (they’re playing Download this year) but seventh and newest studio album Damage begs the question, are they simply relying on their past in order to sell new records?

Damage is incredibly one-note, relying on ballads and slower tempo tracks, with only one particularly rocky song on the entire album, ‘How You’d Have Me’. Single 'I Will Steal You Back', with its driving bass and relatively memorable chorus stands out, but when you're reduced to picking out the guitar solo on 'Lean' as being one of the few other highlights, you know you're in trouble. On this evidence, it does seem that Jimmy Eat World’s glory days are long gone. Sub-standard and middle of the road. Damage done.



out of 10

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