Jemma Johnson - Enough EP

Jemma Johnson must be one of the busiest independent artists we've seen; hardly a week goes by without her uploading new covers to her Youtube channel, recently including some quite adventurous mash-ups. And now she's officially released her debut EP - a four track slice of easy-going pop that showcases her vocal talents and range as an artist outside of her covers.

The title track is an enjoyable tune that puts her voice front and center yet offers a more adventurous sound than her acoustic covers usually allow. Every other track here is consistent with these first impressions. 'All We've Got' is a particularly catchy, wistful song that we'll be coming back to more than a few times, while EP closer, 'I Thought Your Heart Was Mine' keeps up the melancholy and kindles memories of Eva Cassidy. Certainly worth the £1.79 asking price!

Click here to buy Enough on Bandcamp.



out of 10

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