James Blake - Enough Thunder

Since the release of his self-titled debut, James Blake has been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, played sold-out shows across the world and even produced a track with Bon Iver. Said collaboration is one of the focal points of new EP Enough Thunder and, as already reported in many places, it’s just a tad dull and half-baked. Justin Vernon’s auto-tuned vocals blend with Blake’s processed voice over some uninspired piano lines and percussion and when it finishes, it’s a struggle to remember anything really standing out.

That’s not to say the entire EP is throwaway however, with opening track ‘Once We All Agree’ improving on the template set by his debut by melding sparse, descending chords with Blake’s fractured vocals and ghostly drones to brilliant effect. At recent shows he has played a soulful cover of Joni Mitchell's ‘A Case Of You’, and the studio version included here demonstrates how beautiful a voice he has when all the effects are stripped back. The remaining original compositions suffer the same fate as his Bon Iver collaboration though, coming across unimpressive and rather forgettable, a shame considering the strength of his full-length.



out of 10
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