Jae - Balls And Kittens, Draught And Strangling Rain

Having originally been born in the Netherlands, it wasn’t until Jessica Sligter (Jae) paid a visit to Oslo that she found the musicians she felt would do justice to her folky, jazz compositions. Delicately moulded and wonderfully revealing, the songs contained on Balls And Kittens, Draught And Strangling Rain are beautiful exercises in textured and organic sounds. Despite the Dutch and Scandinavian origins, tracks like opener ‘Adam’s Place’ and ‘Song Came From M’ have a wistful Mediterranean air to them, like a nostalgic longing for a summer gone by. Jessica’s voice is stunning throughout as well, almost pure and flowing along with the classical arrangements with ease. In fact with nearly fifteen collaborators in total on this album, it’s a wonder it didn’t come out overpowering and swamped with too many ideas. Yet the sparse and beautiful songs are given plenty of space to breathe and develop around that familiar angelic voice of Miss Sligter. Impressive stuff.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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