Jacob Eynon - Homebound EP

Who’s that at the junction, holding out a sign for a lift? Ed Sheeran? James Arthur? No, it’s their rather bedraggled brother in singer-songwriterville, Jacob Eynon. With a performance at the Millennium Stadium already on his CV, Eynon is well on his way to becoming the next singer du jour - or so you would think - with Homebound part of a ‘trilogy’ of EPs lined up for release this year. It’s only his second recording after debut, Thanks Mum, back in January 2012.

His music is sold as ‘memorable vocal harmonies with catchy melodies’, influenced by the likes of Coldplay and Charlie Simpson. These influences are clear when listening to his new effort, but it’s one thing to be inspired and another to be a carbon copy. Enyon’s lovelorn pop lyrics simply lump him alongside the billion of other YouTube aspirants with acoustic guitars, and even with the band accompaniment this time out, there's nothing to distinguish him from the competition. Still, Eynon is young and this is only his second EP. He needs to take time to explore music at a deeper level and develop his own personality if he wants more than 15 minutes of fame.



out of 10
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