Izzy Bizu - A Moment of Madness

In the space of three years, Izzy Bizu has gone from a critically acclaimed debut EP, which sold 50,000 copies and introduced her to the world, to releasing this; one of the strongest debut albums of the last few years. A Moment Of Madness has been polished to near perfection and showcases the singer's huge range of style and influences.

The first two tracks might lull you into a sense of familiarity - both 'Diamond' and 'White Tiger' sound like Amy Winehouse at her most mainstream, but it isn't long before Bizu starts playing with us, building an album that becomes a little less immediate, but much more rewarding. There's a sense that label influence has resulted in something that's a little too polished and it's telling that her earlier tracks seems a little more authentic. Both 'Give Me Love' and 'Lost Paradise' are album highlights.

A Moment of Madness is likely to be a hit and deservedly so, yet we think the best is yet to come and that makes Izzy Bizu one of the most exciting artists we've seen in quite a while.

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One of the most exciting artists we've seen in quite a while; this deserves to be a hit.


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