Iwrestledabearonce - Ruining It For Everybody

On first listen, Iwrestledabearonce's new album makes about as much sense as their name. Exploring the a similar vein of heavy music to that of the UK’s own purveyors of bizarre prog-metal Rolo Tomassi, these guys just make a mess. Opening ditty ‘Next Visible Delicious’ is a car wreck of 8-bit bleeps and muddy riffing that swarm and spoil Krysta Cameron’s otherwise great vocals. It’s the cheesy electronics that seem to spoil tracks, like the epic ‘This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain’ and ‘Break It Down Camacho’. There are a couple of redeeming moments though in the brutal ‘You Know That Ain’t Them Dog’s Real Voice’ and the awfully titled ‘Karate Nipples’. Apart from this though, the rest of the album does seem to be ruining it for everybody else.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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