Insomnium - One For Sorrow

One thing Finnish melodic death-metal crew Insomnium know their way around is a gigantically epic intro track and One For Sorrow's opening gambit ‘Inertia’ is no different, traversing post-metal atmospherics and infectious riffing that makes you wonder how they can top something that sounds that grandiose. Fear not however, as over the past fourteen years or so the band have got their sound pretty much pinned down.

It’s difficult not to get carried away on the tide of colossal and melodic guitars and vocalist Niilo’s guttural roars, particularly on ‘Through The Shadows’ and the galloping ‘Only One Who Waits’. The seven minutes of prog-metal that is ‘Lay The Ghost To Rest’ show the band moving from juddering guitars and more grand harmonies to moody passages of relatively subdued strumming. The sheer amount of monumental build-ups may feel a little grating towards the album's close, but you can’t begrudge them for pulling them off this well and, as such, this is still an immensely enjoyable record.



out of 10
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