Innerpartysystem - Never Be Content

As well established remixers, it could be expected that Innerpartystem would have produced a mini album chock-full of weird and wonderful music but, somewhere along the line, someone forgot to add the wonderful. Each song starts promisingly enough but soon descends in to a morass of mundanity where the key goal seems to have been to thrash the available technology to within an inch of its life rather that create music people may actually want to listen to. The nadir comes with the aptly titled ‘Not Getting Any Better’, an appalling sub-Pendulum dance-rocker that meanders on for an interminable 8 1/2 minutes. As, the almost as bad, ‘Squid’ finishes things off you are left pondering how, when it came to make music of their own, a group of obviously talented remixers could have got is so badly wrong.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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