Indian - Guiltless

For their third album Guiltless, gloomsters Indian (who actually hail from Chicago) have returned once again with a record chock full of thunderous riffs which, coupled with Dylan O’Toole’s maniacal howls, create a mood more despondent that the inky depths of the ocean from which this dirge appears to emanate. Rather than just slogging out forty minutes of Burning Witch worshipping drivel (a band that they still seem to reference heavily throughout mind), a number of the tracks poke their heads above the parapet and dare to verge on the melodious! None more so that the sublime opener ‘No Grace’, whose last riff in particular is a soaring, bludgeoning, delicious assault upon the senses. The acoustic ‘Supplicants’ provides some (comparatively) light relief from the punishing bass-driven beating meted out by the band, before the final ‘Banality’ shuts the door on any glimmer of hope or happiness for one last time.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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