Implodes - Black Earth

Implodes' debut album is a kind of dark beast lurking in the corners of your mind, slowly revealing itself in a blur of dense, noisy feedback and blackened melody. The Chicago quartet’s masterminds Matt Jencik and Ken Camden have managed to bring together elements of hazy electronic with eerie black-metal guitars into a record that seems to envelop the listener from the very start. Recalling the delicately gloomy melodies of Zelionople, tracks like ‘Open The Door’ and ‘Oxblood’ crawl in like ghosts searching for a way out, while ‘Marker’ oppresses with its monolithic washes of guitar underpinned by kraut-rock percussion and vocals that sound like a lost soul emerging from the abyss. There’s a disturbing beauty to these songs that penetrates through despite their, at times, bleak nature and for a debut record that’s no mean feat. Implodes have set the benchmark high for whatever they do next.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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