iconAclass - For The Ones

Having spent years rocking and rhyming at the helm of heralded experimental hip-hop troupe Dälek, Will Brooks has now launched new project iconAclass as a vehicle to go back to a purer form of hip-hop. Debut album For The Ones is a relatively stripped down affair, disposing of the huge waves of electronics and ambient atmospherics to concentrate on the lyrics and the message he spits out over a few beats, backed by just a splash of treated synths for some colour.

What hasn't changed is his dark, cutting raps and the intelligent, insightful diatribes on politics, class and religion. Brooks does a very good job in putting to shame the more populist artists with their simplistic, pseudo-angry and expletive-filled petty rants that are more about grabbing attention than thrashing out real grievances. For The Ones hardly digs up new ground, but is instead a labour of love for someone with a thing or ten to say and with iconAclass, they will continue to be shouted loud and clear.



out of 10
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