Iceage - New Brigade

There may, in time, be a need to pause a moment and examine the politics of Denmark's Iceage, but that's going to happen if you mess around with runic imagery or wear silly Klan-ish hoods in your videos. But, for the time being at least, we'll just listen to the music.

Hyped by some as the latest white noise on the scene, New Brigade comes out of the mist like a post-punk echo, part-Manchester raincoat, part-Sheffield overalls. The relentless percussion is the cornerstone upon which everything else sits, the jagged shards of trebly guitar the main weapon of choice. The Fall-like coda to the title track is a marker of sorts but 'Remember' is the closest they come to writing something that sticks, the "I'll keep myself within" refrain youthfully sullen. 'Broken Bone' has a yobbish charm, with Elias Rønnenfelt channeling The Television Personalities' Dan Treacy via satellite channel re-runs of Eastenders. It's the general frostiness that prevents Iceage from genuinely connecting: at the moment they have energy that needs to find a direction. New Brigade isn't pissed off enough - and the nihilism (if it's really there) is, ironically, too blank.



out of 10
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