Horse Guards Parade - Ten Songs

As the infamous saying goes - never judge a book by its cover. And in the case of Horse Guards Parade's debut album Ten Songs, never judge an album by its title either. Pieced together like a story book of lyrics, each track (and yes, there's ten of them) is a sepia-tinted polaroid capturing a moment expressed through the words of James Waudby's musical stanzas. The record features tales that go from the sublime to the satirical within a matter of minutes, venturing from lines such as "the flutter of a pheasant's wings / A sleeping purse of nettle stings" ('It Ended In A Haze') to "his cape was always clean / He lived on Ketamine" ('She Looked Like A Henry Moore'). Whilst it may be tempting at times to overlook the more 'interesting' anecdotes (and especially the appearance of galloping horses straight from Rawhide) the quintet nevertheless keep a firm grip of their tea-stained lyric sheets and delicately crocheted choruses that inspired their nostalgic tales. And, alike each new chapter in a book, the name of every track acts as an introduction to the song that follows, creating the feel of an album that has been as carefully and lovingly hand crafted as a sweater knitted by your nan.



out of 10

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