Holy Ghost!

Production duo Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser, aka Holy Ghost!, clearly live by the maxim that everything was better 'back in the day'. Their eponymous debut album is a retro 80s disco feast from first to last synth that seems determined to make us go all Staying Alive, but is thankfully more Saturday Night Fever. Delivering on the promise shown by their Static On The Wire EP (the title track of which makes a welcome return here as does 'Say My Name'), each track delivers pop-edged, funky thrills that make it impossible to pick a highlight. Since we're serious critics here though, so our vote goes to the deliriously entertaining 'Jam For Jerry' with its show-stopping chorus and infectious hook that even a blind fish would fail to miss. If you're nitpicking - and just generally in a bad mood - you could say that there's nothing particularly original about proceedings, but everything is done to such a high standard that it would be churlish to resist.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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