Hey Colossus - RRR

The seven piece, lumbering monster that is Hey Colossus have returned with RRR, the seventh album of monolithic and disgustingly heavy dirge to be spewed forth by them. Taking a more psychedelic and kraut-rock inspired route this time around, the band succeed in making a record that is both crushing and ethereal in equal measures, none more so than on the title track with its roaring chants and piercing bass drones that seem to obliterate everything else. ‘Almeria, Spain’ is a more typical Hey Colossus ditty with sludgy riffing and layers and layers of feedback alongside snail-pace drumming. Despite its moniker, the heavy throb of closing track ‘I Am Bunga Bunga’ is unlikely to be the soundtrack to one of Silvio Berlusconi’s famous parties, but it does see the band exploring altogether more ambient territory. RRR is a stunning album from one of the best and brightest mainstays of the British noise-rock scene.



out of 10
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