Help Stamp Out Loneliness

There’s no shortage of twee indie-pop these days and so Help Stamp Out Loneliness aren’t going to winning any awards for originality. What they do bring to the table though is a dark finesse and quirky flair to their particular sound. Brilliant vocal harmonies and some subtle electronic touches mark out tracks like first single ‘Record Shop’ and the downbeat, eighties tinged ‘The Ghost With A Hammer In His Hand’ as highlights, while the primitive drum machine and gloomy vocals from singer D. Lucille give ’Palma Violence’ an almost Joy Division feel to it. On ‘My Window’, some truly wonderful and noisy guitars dance around soaring vocals till it comes to an uplifting and abrupt finish. It’s the way in which much of the album's moody charm can actually become quite joyful that really marks Help Stamp Out Loneliness as a band to keep an ear on, and why you should probably pick up this debut.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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