Helldorado - Bones In The Closet

Everything you need to know about Norwegian rockers Helldorado is jammed in to album opener ‘Gallow’s Bird’, an alcohol-fuelled tale of gun-toting rock ‘n’ roll mayhem loaded with mariachi horns and a surf guitar riff that Dick Dale would be proud of. Those four minutes alone would make Bones in The Closet worth investigating but there is plenty more here to keep you listening. The doom-laced ‘Misery & Woe’ makes for the perfect ‘between bar brawls’ ballad for any self-respecting Mexican border town dive bar, while ‘Dead World’ is a psychedelic joy with oodles of lovely Hammond organ rolling along for the ride. Then there are the epic murder ballads (‘John McMiller’, ‘Times of Trial’ and ‘Johnny’s Song’) which would not seem out place on a Nick Cave album. Amazingly, everything fits together perfectly to make for a raucous and unexpectedly joyous collection of spaghetti western-influenced rockers.

Helldorado may well be Norway’s best kept secret but if they continue to make music as downright enjoyable as this then the world should damn well sit up an listen. Bartender! One bourbon, one scotch, one beer, these boys are gonna’ keep me entertained for a long time!



out of 10

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