Hammer No More The Fingers / Voo - Split EP

Split EPs, eh? Gotta love 'em. That strange sense of knowing that the other band, the act on the flipside of the band you actually like, will be - at best - strange bedfellows and, more likely, plain bad, never to be spun again. Not so here, thankfully. Hammer No More The Fingers we already like. Last year's self-titled album was a spiffing example of Pavement worship that nevertheless brought a full keg of fun to the party, to the point that their 90s stylings seemed shiny and new. The two new tracks here, 'Blanko Basnet' and 'Star Taste', are surprisingly built upon a foundation of funk bass, yielded in a confident manner not seen since Flea first mastered his weapon of choice. Odd, but they work - and bode well for album number two. Liverpudlian lads Voo by contrast spend their nights polishing a gleaming engine of not-quite-old-school emo: 'Schnick Schnack Schnuck' is all tremulous, hazy guitars over a singular beat (pause as I go to Wikipedia and find out whatever happened to Elliott) while 'Pages', well, 'Pages' has a gentle indie air that does nothing to change the original classification yet inspires a scribbled note: "investigate further".



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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