Haiku Salut - Tricolore

Tricolore, the debut from Derbyshire trio Haiku Salut seems to contain medicinal qualities - any weariness or apathy one may be feeling before playback is immediately neutered by the sheer charm of this record. Their rich instrumental trickery is both playful and intricately baffling, employing an informed blend of multi-cultured influences. Often compared to Icelandic experimentalist’s múm and French composer Yann Tierson, Haiku Salut are an unpredictable emulation of these infuences. Early stand out ‘Les Elefantes’ is a catchy synthesis of folk and electronica, beginning with a solemn piano melody before gently erupting into a manic union of harmonica, tribal drumming, strings and IDM flavoured beats.

The absence of vocals on Triloclore allows the trio to fully expose the intricacies of their musicianship. Armed with glockenspiels, accordions, ukuleles, pianos, loop pedals and laptops they are able to create the impression of a full orchestra through inventive layering and arrangements. Penultimate track ‘Train Tracks for Wheezy (featuring a little orchestra)’ is so beautifully grand and uplifting that it simply eclipses everything before it, marking a perfect realisation of their signature approach to baroque pop music. This twisted blend of traditionalist folk coupled with the spit and shine of digital production lends Triloclore a firmly contemporary sound while remaining faithful to their traditional European influences. A perfect way to draw in the Summer.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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