Goldblade - The Terror of Modern Life

From the opening bass rumbles of 'This Is War' to the fractured and uneasy listening of title track, the sixth album from veteran punks Goldblade is the one where they finally manage to lay down on record the kind of ferocity and power that has seen them develop a reputation for fierce and entertaining live shows. Whereas previous releases have been lumbered by muted production values that sapped much of the power and energy on which they thrive, there are no such problems here.

The Terror of Modern Life is chock full of rip-roaring singalongs, politically-charged anthems and humorous ditties (sometimes all at the same time) as on the gloriously bonkers ‘Psycho Takes A Holiday’, which gets added bonus points from rhyming "Axis of Evil" with "Psychotic Treacle". There are a couple of points where they depart from their normal template, with the dubbed up Clash-like ‘Serious Business’ being the most obvious. It may take a few listens to fully appreciate but is well worth the effort. Finally we come to the title track - a nightmarish and atonal sonic attack that would be best listened to with the lights off and your head under the blankets. Further proof that Goldblade have finally delivered the album that fans have been longing for. Compulsory listening for any punk rock fan.



out of 10

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