Go Radio - Lucky Street

Reminiscent of successful scenesters Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World, Floridians Go Radio have a splendidly sweet sound which could potentially earn them mainstream success. The quartet’s debut full-length is crammed with pop-rock anthems, likely to excite the teen market and with production by Tim O’Heir (The All-American Rejects, The Starting Line), this thirteen-track record offers the honest, heartfelt words and delicately sugar-coated pop the demographic insist upon. Jason Lancaster’s vocals are superb throughout, with songs such as ‘Forever My Father’, ‘Singing With The King’ and ‘Any Other Heart’ showcasing the ex-Mayday Parade frontman’s impressive range. Other tasty tunes include the incredibly upbeat ‘Kill The Beast’ and guitar-led ‘Redemption In The Verse’. Excellent effort and definitely worth a listen.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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