Galia Arad - Ooh La Baby

Hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, Galia Arad has a nice line in acerbic lyrics cunningly disguised with a fine alt-country voice that could lull anyone into a false sense of security. This wonderful voice is naturally to the fore on Ooh La Baby, an extended collection of songs that portray the highs and lows of a love story that will resonate with many. The gentle shuffle of ‘Something Sweet’ and lilting ‘Don’t Go’ are probably the highlights but the fractured closer ‘Tonight I Found The Blues’ run them close.

There is, however, one major blip, a guest appearance by Shane McGowan who incoherently mumbles his way through his spot on ‘Four Leaf Lover Boy’ and laughingly spouts expletives on the not particularly enchanting ‘Full of Shit’. Legend though he may be, his appearance here sadly overshadows the rest of an album that otherwise has much to recommend it.



out of 10
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