Funeral For A Friend - Conduit

Conduit, sixth album from Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend, is a powerful, emotionally-charged collection of songs that should please long-term fans while also winning them a few new ones. The band are able to blend the anarchy and fury of hardcore with tight song construction and melodic touches that keep the album from being merely a thrashing scream-fest devoid of feeling or heart.

Songs like 'Death Comes To Us All' 'and Travelled' are brutal and unyielding, while 'Spine' and 'The Distance' show real melodic panache. Though Matthew Davies-Kreye's shouty vocals can be a bit one-dimensional, he is at his best with the hard-hitting hardcore rhythms of tracks like 'Best Friends And Hospital Beds', though 'Nais' at times sounds like he is valiantly trying to make himself heard over the din of the music. While the subject matter is a bit dark, the raging music and Davies-Kreye's defiant delivery allow the songs to rise above cliched rock pastiche. Merciless and no-holds barred, Conduit is an intelligent and impressive work.



out of 10

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