Frightened Rabbit - State Hospital EP

Without implying that Frightened Rabbit’s output has wavered at all since the morose heartbreak of sophomore masterpiece The Midnight Organ Flight, one can’t help but think ‘this is more like it’. Opening with ‘State Hospital’, it’s a beautiful demonstration of the band’s ability to juxtapose chaotic, hook laden noise with dense, lyrical reflection. As Hutchison’ cries “your heart beats like a breezeblock thrown down the stairs” over a thrashing of guitar and background ‘ooohs’, it’s difficult to deny the emotive impact. Masculine yet gentle, Scott Hutchison’s Scottish vocals saturate his rich storytelling lending Frightened Rabbit an unmistakable imprint.

The EP rarely suggests a move towards new territory for the band, instead delivering a concise, ballsy five track collection of some of their best material at hand. ‘Home From War’ and ‘Off’ are poetic, fierce and memorable while closer ‘Wedding Gloves’ is a beautiful collaboration with king Scot miserablist Aidan Moffat - one of two men responsible in part for the band's inspired success. It’s a raw listen but one that’s padded and brightened by remarkable harmonies and delightful eccentricities. Frightened Rabbit are consistent and important, ever proving their worth as one of Scotland’s most profoundly talented ensembles.



out of 10

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