Frankie & The Heartstrings - The Days Run Away

Not all bands ask for the hype - and some are smothered by the expectations heaped on them before they’ve even released an album. Despite being well reviewed, the debut from Frankie and the Heartstrings was never going to live up to the early notice. Their music was never going to grab you by the lapels and wobble your Teddy Boy hairstyle about, never mind get consistently playlisted on Radio 1. Two years on and they seem to have moved on from the trials of that first release and The Days Run Away shows a definite progression of their sound. They’re still in thrall to music history and they still wear their influences on their sleeves, but there’s a clarity to the tunes on offer here that seems new. The simple song structures of the first album endure and there’s an uncluttered feel to their sound. Short, punchy songs like ‘I Still Follow You’ and ‘That Girl, That Scene’ make up most of the running order and are complemented by the more thoughtful ‘Losing A Friend’ and the soothing ‘Light That Breaks’, two of the best songs here. There’s a touch of mod-lite in ‘Right Noises’ and ‘Everybody Looks Better (In The Right Light)’ is indie pop perfection, catchy and hummable. There are hints of The Cure and even Shed Seven but F&TH manage to feel fresh, likely due to their inimitable chirpiness. The Days Run Away is a solid follow-up album that builds a little on their debut, and feels more rounded as a consequence of their growing experience.



out of 10

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