Flash Fiktion

Well, colour us surprised. You know what they say about assumption? Flash Fiktion's eponymous debut certainly made one of us. Recent single 'Starry Glow' had us thinking of a sub-par Friendly Fires, but the album is a different blend altogether. Gone are the sparkly synths; in come darker, more menacing throbs with a rockier sensibility that leads to an album which, while not flawless, is certainly a lot stronger and more interesting than we originally gave the trio credit for.

Containing moments of utter brilliance - the frenetic Strokes-y 'Leni', the video games joy of 'Capsules Of Sun' - alongside weaker efforts (the overlong and dull 'The Rapture Of Your Design'),Flash Fiktion certainly isn't consistent, but it's rarely a drag. Part of this comes down to the band's desire to craft tracks that can be written "on the back of a postcard" - like literary flash fiction...you see what they did there? - and as a result, their focus is to grab the attention fast, often with a cracking hook like the glorious vocal refrain of 'Mo' Ping Pong', and they largely succeed. It's when they step out of this three-minute bubble that cracks appear, but they pull it back for a stunning finale of 'Tomorrow's People' with more than a hint of Klaxons about it. Interestingly, 'Starry Glow' is nowhere to be found but Flash Fiktion leaves you with its own well-deserved glow instead.



out of 10

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