Fionn Regan - The Bunkhouse Vol. I: Anchor Black Tattoo

The Bunkhouse Vol. I: Anchor Black Tattoo, second album from young troubadour Foinn Regan is a truly lovely and refreshing collection of songs; simply presented and performed (just voice and guitar) its stripped back, back-to-basics approach feels like the classic early Dylan albums, recorded on the cuff with just the mic in the room with the man and his guitar.

The haunting 'Mitzen To Malin' has the steely intensity of Laura Marling while the jumbled phrasing and stumbling guitar chords of 'Clara to Calary' recalls Bob Zimmerman himself. The ten vignettes are all quite beautiful, their quiet power gently weaving their spell while the performances are intimate; at times it feels as if the singer were there in your room. 'St. Anthony's Fire', with its buzzing strings and Regan's confident vocals, or the jaunty jangly 'Blackout' are feel-good old-fashioned folk tunes, the spritely lyrics allowing Regan's winsome personality to shine though. Endearing and engrossing foot-tapping fun.



out of 10

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