Fighting Kites

Just to mention that Fighting Kites' eponymous debut is instrumental indie rock will send many fleeing for the hills covering their ears as they go. But give it a chance and the intimate charms of the record soon allay any fears of over-indulgent tosh. It is a fine balance to keep maintaining the interest for the whole duration whilst not slipping off either side into dull monotony or vain musical wankery, a trick Fighting Kites usually, but not always, get pretty much spot on.

Fighting Kites is a pleasant record, a relaxed stroll that is neither challenging nor dull and delivers a refreshing dose of meditative and catchy tunes. There is a playfulness evident in all ten tracks, little quirks and cute refrains scattered liberally. But by the same token, it lacks anything in the way of excitement, nothing to really grab you. Fighting Kites have put together a very listenable record but come the end of the year, I don't see it having made much of an impact.



out of 10

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