Fighting Kites / Broken Shoulder - Split

Earlier in the year Broken Shoulder, aka Neil Debnam of Fighting Kites, released a brilliant debut of guitar drones and glitchy electronica that was inspired by none other than suffering an actual broken shoulder that put him out of action from his band. The two acts are partnered up on this brand new split release, and it’s a perfect way to introduce listeners to their weird and intricate sounds.

Fighting Kites' sweetly, melodic instrumentals seem to be based in a kind of stripped back post-rock akin to Do Make Say Think, albeit a little more chipper; with ‘FR’ sounding almost pure due to the clarity with which each instrument makes its way to your ears. ‘Cat Is Egg’ is much the same, exuding a real bouncy and joyful feel as guitars dance in and out and of each other. Broken Shoulder’s tracks are a more gloomy and hazy affair, as ‘Exciting Times’ combines stabs of synth and slowly picked guitar to create something quite hypnotic. Fuzzy, distorted drones swamp ‘Organomegaly’, while in the background lies the sound of a creepy electronic lullaby that’s almost ominous in tone. This split is an intriguing mix of light and dark from some rather exciting new British acts.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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