Fair Ohs - Everything Is Dancing

Every year when summer comes around there tends to be one album that embodies those sunny vibes perfectly, and Everything Is Dancing may well be that record. The debut full-length from East London’s Fair Ohs is wonderful melting pot of spacey psychedelia and garage spunk, full of spiky riffs and brilliant grooves. The jaunty space-pop of ‘Colours’ fits in echoing melodies, a tight bass line and an infectious chorus to great results, while ‘Almost Island’ makes use of some noisy, discordant riffing to craft something a little more aggressive but still sounding like the band are having fun. The title track and most recent single is yet another highlight with its intricate and exotic strings and bouncy guitars plus a healthy dose of hand-clapping to boot. As ‘Katasraj’ demonstrates towards the end of the album, launching from electronic ambience into a punk-rock thrash, Fair Ohs are just here to enjoy themselves and in the process make sure you do too.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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