Evile - Five Serpent's Teeth

Conflicting emotions battle it out whilst listening to the new Evile offering, Five Serpent's Teeth. On the one hand, this is a top-notch display of some fine thrash metal hammered out with awesome power and deadly precision; but on the other, it really is nothing more than yet another Metallica clone, churning out the same riffs and ideas originally concocted some thirty years ago.

If this record had been released by the Californian maestros, everyone would be wetting themselves over how they had returned to the good old days and made their best record since '86; so given that this has been put out by four lads from Yorkshire, it is disappointing that Five Serpent's Teeth lacks that individual identity that Evile are yet to find, even though they are now on to their third effort. Doesn't diminish the primeval urge to headbang, mind...



out of 10
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