Evi Vine - And So The Morning Comes

A smoky brew, as ethereal as it is unearthly. Vine constructs on this debut an almost formless backing with the emphasis on atmospherics and it’s not always easy to gain a foothold. Lose focus for a moment and the whole thing drifts away on the breeze. Vocals, a childlike rasp of clarity and range, are mixed to the fore but delivered oh so quietly. Which is a shame because when Vine opens up a bit on the guitar-heavy ‘Down’ (early Cowboy Junkies with a liberal coating of space dust) or the plaintive ‘Kiss’, it’s clear there’s something beneath the effects-laden arrangements worth grappling with. But you need to dig away and concentrate; songs shimmer and rise like plumes of smoke. Blink and they’re gone.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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