Everything Everything - Get To Heaven

In 2010 they were a trendy up-and-coming indie troupe (see ‘MY CZ, YR BF’); in 2013 they were an experimental, finger-on-the-pulse guitar band (see ‘Kemosabe’). Now, in 2015 - and after the success of Man Alive and Arc - can Everything Everything secure the hat trick with Get To Heaven? Whilst frontman Jonathan Higgs distinct falsetto might not be to everyone's taste, their string of awards and sellout gigs suggest there’s a large audience for their version of math meets indie rock. Over the course of those first two albums the band refined their sound and turned subsequently moved a tiny bit towards the mainstream, yet managing to retain the quirky beats and lyrical content so central to their appeal.

‘To The Blade’, with Higgs' high pitch back with a vengeance, the time-jumping pace, and in-your-face drum patterns confirms it’s business as usual. And for a while the essence of the quartet comes in a flood: summer anthem in the making ‘Distant Past’ throbs along on dance floor beats and lyrical freaks (“Saw off all my stinkin’ limbs / Blood dripping down my monkey chin”); the title track ebbs and flows on a contemporary 80s wave, while ‘Spring / Summer / Winter / Dread’ sounds like gibberish (“You are a thief and a murderer too / You stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon”) but is catchy as hell. 'Fortune 500''s aggressive chanting frays nerves but the beautiful euphoria of 'Warm Healer' will soothe

These four lads create something that’s unlike anything else in the mainstream today. Higgs' lyrics bear analysis and get the grey matter whirring, whilst Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman, and Alex Robertshaw get on with the job of creating the music that gets your limbs shaking. A potent mix of talent that delivers everything.


Everything but the kitchen sink.


out of 10

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