Epigene - A Wall Street Odyssey

You have to admire the sheer bravado of Epigene as they attempt to distil the global economic crisis of the last few years into one double CD epic.

Split into three distinct parts, it takes us through the rollercoaster life of the hero of the tale, Yossarian, as after his life as an Investment Banker implodes, he seeks redemption with a bunch of hippies in the country before returning to the big city to preach against the world he was once an integral part of. The mish-mash of musical styles don’t always gel, especially on the final part of the trilogy that becomes annoyingly twee and preachy but, at its best, it is a challenging and often rewarding ride. Given its deeply political, and occasionally badgering nature, many will find the message of A Wall Street Odyssey difficult to swallow, especially when coupled with its 110 minute running time, but those willing to overlook its flaws will be rewarded with an enjoyable and all too rare attempt to address the ills of modern society and, for that alone, Epigene are deserving of respect.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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