Emily Smith - Traiveller's Joy

In these long cold winter months, it has been a real delight to stumble upon an album so comforting and warming as Emily Smith's fifth outing, Traiveller’s Joy. Ms Smith, over the course of nearly an hour, takes us all on a hazy trip through the finest fields of Scottish folk, every note dripping with emotion that bring the stories to life in such vivid fashion with her transcending, heavenly voice. From the rollicking, comical ‘Gypsy Davy’ to the sparse love song of ‘Roll On Lovely Doon’, the album rises and falls in sweeping arcs that makes Traiveller’s Joy more than just a collection of songs. ‘Sweet Lover Of Mine’, a version of the traditional ballad ‘The Elfin Knight’ (and precursor to ‘Scarborough Fair’), is a truly wondrous reinterpretation; but the undoubted highlight is more modern in origin, with her version of Richard Thompson's haunting ‘Waltzing’s For Dreamers’ so beautifully wrought in sadness that tears are in danger of being shed.



out of 10
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