Emily Baker - House Of Cards

Shuffling the deck of singer-songwriters with the view to remove every joker from the pack, stands Brighton-based songstress Emily Baker, an award-winning lady of lyrics, whose debut album House Of Cards is about to take the proverbial pen out of everyone's hands and show them how it's supposed to be done. Cited by Pete Doherty as one of his guitar pick-up influences, Miss Baker lives up to this name-drop, honing melodic simplicity as a method of ensuring the appropriation of her lyrical message. Songs such as 'Don't Look Down', 'Wild Horses' and 'One Of Those Days' are tainted with the vocal and reflective observations heard in any Carole King record, with the latter's "I'm having one of those days / That leaves me incomplete / Fallen over a phrase / Still trying to find my feet", proving the capabilities that saw her win the Arts Foundations songwriting award. House of Cards is a collection of musical delicacies, dusted with the softened beats of the tambourine and finished with the tie of an acoustic ribbon. Baker isn't afraid to play the ace of hearts in every track on her debut, using the record as an ode to love, and a memo to remind herself of how it feels.



out of 10

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