Eleanor Friedberger - Last Summer

One part of Chicago's The Fiery Furnaces, Eleanor Friedberger has already built an enviable reputation. Her debut solo album continues her good work - a kind of cross between Thea Gilmore and Sharleen Spiteri but with a definite trans-Atlantic feel. Dialling down the biting social satire of Gilmore, but with a more folksy ambience than Spiteri, it's an interesting sound that is musically more adventurous than either.

Long Summer is an album of two halves, and one noticably better than the other. There are a couple of real stinkers that come from experimentation both lyrically and instrumentally; 'Glitter Gold Year' is the album's low point but things quickly pick back up to the same sort of standard that lead single 'My Mistakes' set. As a solo artist, Friedberger shows much promise and isn't as demanding of the listener as some of her contemporaries.



out of 10
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