Editors - In Dream

So, Editors then. Love ‘em right? No, well you must hate them then? Just indifferent? Well you must be in the UK. Despite two number one albums to go alongside their two platinum discs the five piece from Stafford don’t trouble the UK singles chart or get masses of radio airplay. In Europe they’re big news, headlining 80,000 capacity festivals and selling out sizeable venues. With a sound that’s varied from the dark indie rock of their debut The Back Room, to 2009’s more synth driven In This Light And On This Evening, they’re one of the more interesting UK indie band to emerge in the last decade or so.

Any trepidation that this isn’t the Editors familiar to all is dissipated with the opening line: “I'll boil easier than you, crush my bones into glue”, though after the stadium anthems of 2013’s The Weight Of Your Love the band revisit the synth-driven sound of In This Light…. In fact In Dreams opening track ‘No Harm’ hasn’t a sniff of a guitar until the four minute mark. Don’t be fooled though, there are anthems ahoy: the surprisingly-close-to-Coldplay ‘Ocean Of Night’; the pumping choruses and bass-y drive of ‘Forgiveness’; the synth-led ‘All The Kings’; they're familiar but different. At times Tom Smith’s troupe come across all mid 80s synth rock, mid-tracklist triumvirate ‘Life Is A Fear’, ‘The Law’, and the ever so slightly terrible ‘Our Love’ especially. Mainly though In Dream successfully melds the two sides of the band into one listenable whole.


Not a step backward, but not quite forward.


out of 10
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