Ed Hale and The Transcendence - All Your Heroes Become Villains

Calling Ed Hale 'busy' would be an understatement. As a man with his hands full writing, singing, blogging about the world (he's just returned from hearing David Icke speak), it’s amazing that he's still found time to release a new album. All Your Heroes Become Villains sees Hale using the Transcendence banner for the first time in nearly five years; the eclectic mix of genres and styles (the Transcendence 'collective' featuring 12 different musicians this time round) breaks the boundaries of obvious indie rock, and moves into a whole other world of sound that evokes everything from the sunnier sound of The Thrills through alt-rock favourites like Talk Talk or Love and Rockets.

Tracks such as 'Solaris' and 'Here It Comes' have a slight Bowie feel about them, while the title track and 'We Are Columbine (The Unforgiven)' combine brash vocals and a refreshing approach to instrumentation. This slight hotch-potch feel is appreciated by long-time followers, others may find things just a tad diverse for an entirely cohesive listen.



out of 10
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