Dying Fetus - Reissues

There is nothing quite like a bit of deranged violence to start the day off, and these four reissues of death metal stalwarts Dying Fetus' earliest material delivers it in abundance. Amongst the four discs that have been given a new lease of life, it is rather unsurprisingly the two full albums, debut Purification Through Violence and sophomore Killing On Adrenaline, that stand out as bastions of the genre; bristling with unbridled aggression and chock full of lightning fast riffs, the pair rip your ears off and leave you a bloodied and gibbering wreck. The vocals are unfortunately comical in how close they are to the stereotypical unintelligible growling mercilessly maligned by detractors the world over, a sound not unlike primitive coital vocalisations. The bonus material spread across the quartet is a touch lacklustre; the demos are virtually unlistenable due to the horrendous recording quality, whilst the live tracks are no better than a reasonable bootleg – interesting, but no more than a curio.



out of 10
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