Django Django - Born Under Saturn

It's taken more than three years for Edinburgh natives Django Django to follow up their plaudit-heavy debut, one which offered a swift kick up the backside to a British indie scene still shellshocked from the success of acts like Razorlight and The Enemy. With a Mercury Prize nomination in their rucksack, the by now London-based band tore up the summer festivals, but things have been pretty quiet ever since. Now they’re back with a bang and, maybe due to that extended period of silence, Born Under Saturn seems as fresh and exciting as their first.

Blasting off with the joyous rhythms of ‘Giant’, it's all about falsetto vocals and exhilarating melodies and a verve that's immediately exhilarating. There’s something pick and mix about the Scots’ music: odds and sods from the experimental 80s, the baggy years of the 90s, the indie and dance of 2000s but this is no cheap imitation. ‘Pause Repeat’; the synth-driven ‘Reflections’; the charm of ‘First Light’; even late on in the tracklist ‘4000 Years’ and ‘Break The Glass’ seem to exist for no other reason than to cause delight. Dance, as the saying doesn't go, like the whole world is watching. This is a dance-pop confection that’s wonderfully exuberant, full of the joys of summer, and perfect for the months ahead. See you in the fields.


Dance Django dance to the sweet sweet sounds of happiness.


out of 10

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