Dinosaur Pile-Up - Nature Nurture

Hailing from Leeds, West Yorkshire (forever a corner of Seattle, Washington) Dinosaur Pile-Up return with their second album Nature Nurture, an up-tempo blast of good time indie rock. No-one should come in looking for deep excursions into the human condition. Balls are on the table - and they're staying out.

There was a time when the three minute single was the art form of the pop industry. Somewhere, with CDs and digital formats it could be argued that getting to the point, musically, has been lost. Not here. DUP have filled this album with eleven (count 'em) singles with few even staying around long enough to hit the 180 second mark. By no means will you feel short changed. Like an overcharged American open top sports car they rev up to full speed in seconds, get where they need to go and then stop. It might be disingenuous for a band from Leeds to sound so American, but by freeing themselves of the shackles of the usual “it’s grim up north” antics and instead delivering a more globally identifiable upbeat blast, they smell a lot like teen spirit. If you still mourn the loss of the Foo Fighters you once adored, Nature Nurture will ease the pain.



out of 10

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