Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Moral & Wahnsinn

With their distinct brand of folk-tinged thrash metal, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are one of the most exciting, yet eccentric, bands currently treading the boards. Since sprouting onto the scene in 1995, the German group have become renowned for their avant-garde sound, exemplified by this release. Unsurprisingly, the quintet’s latest effort Moral & Wahnsinn (Moral & Insanity) is as wacky, weird and wonderful as its predecessors. Songs such as ‘Gib Dich Hin’, which boasts a whistled introduction and Iron Maiden-style chorus, and intricate interlude ‘Heimkehr’ are just a few of the record’s highlights. The 11-track release, which could be akin to Mumford & Sons and Rammstein’s bastard offspring, is sometimes brilliant and often bizarre. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter are definitely worth a listen; knowledge of German not essential!



out of 10
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