Deep Cut - Disorientation

In the words of their very own songwriter/guitarist Mat Flint, Deep Cut's first album sold "appallingly" in the UK (although did well in Japan), so things can only get better with Disorientation, right? Well, we're still not entirely sure, but they've certainly given themselves a fighting chance.

Apt given the title of their second effort, the swaggering lead single 'Something's Got To Give' shouldn't be used as any indication of what awaits you on the combined whole. Dreamy, woozy shoegaze is the order of the day and while guitars certainly get their moment to shine, the focus is on creating intricate soundscapes rather than riffs. It doesn't always work but the hit rate is in Deep Cut's favour and even when everything doesn't click, such as on 'Magazine', there's a crumb of a good idea present, but the extended running time often leaves that idea suffocated by repetition. They're at their sharpest when they hit the accelerator: 'Makes Me Wanna' is an unadulterated blast of fast drums and scuzzy guitars, while 'About Face' marries light, perky instruments and superb vocals with just the right amount of snarl from Emma Flint. The main misfire is the listless 'Decision Time', six minutes of nothingness that we're still trying to figure the point of, but overall, you can't fault the experimentation and wealth of ideas that make up the vast majority of Disorientation.



out of 10
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