Death - The Sound Of Perseverance

For those inclined to the heavier end of the musical spectrum, Death should need little introduction. This series of reissues, beginning counter-intuitively with their seventh and final album The Sound Of Perseverance, can only serve to further boost the continued legacy of what truly was a groundbreaking band. The original album is a ferocious blast of death metal – a genre many argue that Death main man Chuck Schuldiner created; the remastering gives it a fresh lick of paint that means the likes of ‘Spirit Crusher’ and ‘Flesh And The Power It Holds’ are as devastating and brutal today as they ever were. Continuing the trend of the latter Death albums, The Sound Of Perseverance went further with the progressive elements of the sound, every track going through a myriad of sections and changes. The music never sits still, the aural equivalent of a fidgeting child with too much energy. The second disc of the reissue is something of a letdown, being only demos of albums tracks; by their very definition, they are inferior versions of what eventually ended up on the final product and, as such, are so inconsequentially different in form as to seem utterly pointless.



out of 10
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