Death In Vegas - Trans-Love Energies

Death In Vegas is back, this time with just Richard Fearless at the helm. Trans-Love Energies, named after the counter-cultural group formed in Detroit in the late 60s, is a beautiful and trippy collection of sounds and musical shapes - as you would expect. A bit of a return to form, the songs meander and weave, transparent, ethereal. Mostly dispensing with the guest vocals (aside from two tracks), Fearless takes us on a journey through space and time. Perhaps not as ground-breaking and original as their earlier work, it nonetheless contains some stunning tunes. The slow burning 'Silver Time Machine', with Fearless' hypnotic vocals, segues seamlessly into the raucous 'Black Hole', one of the album's best tracks. Austra vocalist Katie Stelmanis lends her beautiful vocals to 'Your Loft My Acid' and 'Witch Dance', both reminiscent of bands like Dead Can Dance or Cocteau Twins - dreamy, yet edgy and slightly unsettling. The album closes with the seven minute opus 'Savage Love', dark, disturbing yet utterly enthralling. Perhaps Fearless did not start off with the intention of recording another Death In Vegas album, yet Trans-Love Energies proves that this is a chapter of his life that still has room for a bit more.



out of 10
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